Walnut has assembled a highly praised, robust underwriting team over the last ten years under the direction of Ariel Hessing. Walnut’s focus in program business requires an adherence to underwriting profitability and a bottom line philosophical rationale. This group of underwriters works within that philosophy each and every day. Experienced employees and proven workflow processes allow for strong integration and collaboration between functional units which provide above average results. As a successful Apartment/Condo and Hotel MGU for twelve years, the agency has been able to build a loyal network of retail broker customers that understand the classes and appreciate the programs’ stability.

Walnut has purchased and implemented state of the art rate, quote, bind, issue systems from MGA Systems, Inc. and a rating engine designed for the Habitational and Hotel classes from NetRate, Inc. These systems also handle accounting transactions, accounts receivable and state and local surplus lines taxes. Niche business is written through a limited number of retail broker clients nationwide. Walnut has developed an excellent relationship with these retailers over the years, and will continue to use a franchise value distribution strategy for sale of its niche products.

In 2017, Walnut Advisory Corp is a true Managing General Underwriter, whose reputation among domestic US carriers relies entirely on its consistent underwriting profitability. Walnut’s bottom line focus has allowed it to build niche MGU programs and to carve out a place for itself among the emerging MGA sector over the past (12) years. / Share Fb / G+ / Tw
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44 years of insurance advisory experience and stringent quality standards have meant that our customers benefit
from the breadth of knowledge that they need and the service that they demand, at prices that are competitive
in the marketplace. Walnut Advisory Corporation is the epitome of a "Modern MGU" - a managing general underwriting
office that keeps abreast of industry changes and utilizes the latest technologies for process efficiency.
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The Apartment & Condo, Hotel & Motel and Lawyer Liability Programs by The Walnut Advisory Corporation are tailored to clients in the northeast, southern and western regions. No other programs on the market offer the financial strength, breadth of coverage and stability of pricing that are the hallmarks of The Select Group, Old South and Western Prairie Brands by The Walnut Advisory Corporation. It’s complete protection without the hassles of dealing with multiple program administrators and the waste of overlapping coverage. + Our Brands + Our Programs
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The products and services of The Select Group, The Old South, and The Western Prairie Brands by
The Walnut Advisory Corporation enables insurance brokers to build their books of business with broad,
comprehensive and carefully crafted insurance products, expert underwriting, price stability and fast customer
service, tempered by 44 Years of Insurance Advisory Experience.
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