Accommodation options to suit your needs and budget


Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student? If you’re studying an undergraduate degree (BA(Hons) or BSc(Hons)), then this page will guide you through your student accommodation options and how to apply. Head to ‘choosing your accommodation type’ section to start.

If you’re a postgraduate student (studying a master’s), then you can head to our dedicated postgraduate accommodation page to find out what’s available for you.

Choose your accommodation type

The first thing you’ll want to think about is the type of student accommodation you’d like to live in. You’ll choose between university or privately operated accommodation.

This accommodation is owned, managed or approved by the University. It’s often called “halls of residence”.
Applying for University accommodation

If you’re thinking of applying for University owned, managed or approved accommodation (often called halls of residence), then you can browse the options below.

To begin your accommodation application, you’ll need to have accepted your offer of a place at Falmouth University.

Then, using our accommodation platform, RoomService, you can apply by ranking room options in order of your preference.

Instead of being a first-come-first-serve system, we use a ballot to determine the accommodation you’ll be offered, so that the process is as fair as possible. We’ll take your preferences into account, but can’t guarantee what sort of room you will be allocated. Please be aware that approximately a third of all bed spaces being offered are in shared occupancy.

How to decide which halls are right for you
We have a range of halls with different room, price and location options. It’s worth considering what’s important to you.

Are you looking to keep costs down? In that case Glasney Student Village’s shared rooms might be your best option. Not great at cooking? You might want the ease and set costs of catered accommodation at Glasney Student Village, too. Do you want to be in Falmouth town centre? Then why not consider Tuke House. Or are you considering the commute to the campus on which you’ll be studying – Penryn or Falmouth – and whether you want accommodation nearby?

Keep this in mind as you look at the halls of residence that we offer. This will make it easier for you to put them in order of preference when you apply. The allocation of accommodation is made by ballot; where possible, we try to consider your preferences, though this is not always possible.

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